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American heritage dictionary of the English language. Websters Dictionary, translation online, word unscramblers and specialist subjects

This Specialist Online Dictionary website aims to bring you the best specialist subject dictionary websites the internet has to help you find the words and information you need for your work, authoring books, writing articles, recreation, scrabble, homework, or whatever.

You can also translate text by using the links in the languages/translation section. Excellent translation facilities available, handy for those occasions when you need to get the gist of a document, web page text or form that needs to be completed.

There are many specialist dictionary websites on the internet and we hope to find the best and expand the range to bring you all you need in one place.

Online dictionary websites take many forms and range from the academic sites compiled by students and university departments to the professional dictionary sites put up by publishers, also some of the best obscure subject sites may be put together by the enthusiastic amateur who decides to make an online dictionary website to meet their own or club/society needs.

Websters dictionary 1913 online available, now also the Websters rosetta extended version.

Click here to access the websters dictionary 1913 and rosetta version online.

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