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This Specialist Online Dictionary website aims to bring you the best specialist subject dictionary websites the internet has to help you find the words and information you need for your work, authoring books, writing articles, recreation, scrabble, homework, or whatever.

You can also translate text by using the links in the languages/translation section. Excellent translation facilities available, handy for those occasions when you need to get the gist of a document, web page text or form that needs to be completed.

There are many specialist dictionary websites on the internet and we hope to find the best and expand the range to bring you all you need in one place.

Online dictionary websites take many forms and range from the academic sites compiled by students and university departments to the professional dictionary sites put up by publishers, also some of the best obscure subject sites may be put together by the enthusiastic amateur who decides to make an online dictionary website to meet their own or club/society needs.

Websters dictionary 1913 online available, now also the Websters rosetta extended version.

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American Heritage Dictionary

Safety, Health, and Nutrition in Early Education, 2E


Designed for caregivers and teachers in child care who want to provide optimum environments for children and encourage the learning, growth, and well-being of children in their care, Safety, Nutrition and Health in Child Care introduces and develops the major components of quality child care ? safety, health, and nutrition. While addressing important topics and […]

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The Education of Little Tree


The Education of Little Tree tells of a boy orphaned very young, who is adopted by his Cherokee grandmother and half-Cherokee grandfather in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee during the Great Depression.“Little Tree” as his grandparents call him is shown how to hunt and survive in the mountains, to respect nature in the Cherokee Way, […]

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Education: The Practice and Profession of Teaching


 Price:$82.42 Read more

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The Child and the Curriculum


This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.Price:$0.00 Read more

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Latest news from Yahoo Arts

After decades of slights, Cuban artist tastes fame at 101


Pioneer Cuban-American artist Carmen HerreraCuban-American artist Carmen Herrera has been painting for decades. Herrera may not be in her prime, but her career is going gangbusters. Good lord! They waited too long," Herrera said in an interview at her apartment and studio in Union Square, where she has lived for nearly 50 years.


French prosecutor appeals against tax fraud acquittal of Wildenstein art-dealer family


FILE PHOTO International art dealer Guy Wildenstein arrives for his trial at Paris courtThe French financial prosecutor's office said on Friday that it had launched an appeal against an earlier ruling this week to acquit wealthy art dealer Guy Wildenstein and seven others of tax fraud charges. In a statement, the financial prosecutor's office said there were valid grounds for an appeal given that "the case had shown a clear intention to evade paying tax", even if the final ruling had been to acquit the defendants. Wildenstein and the other defendants were acquitted this week due to a legal loophole which the Paris court acknowledged might not be understood by the general public.


Plot twists, suspense mark George Lucas' plans for museum


This concept design provided by the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art shows a rendering of their proposed museum on Treasure Island in San Francisco. In January George Lucas, the legendary filmmaker, is expected to decide whether he will put a museum for his extensive personal art collection in San Francisco or Los Angeles, after other attempts were upended by community opposition. (Lucas Museum of Narrative Art via AP)SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — George Lucas is no stranger to epic struggles on the big screen, but he didn't expect one off-camera when it came to his art collection.


Russian 'scrotum protest' artist seeks asylum in France


Russian artist Pavlensky speaks during interview in KievBy Alessandra Prentice and Margaryta Chornokondratenko KIEV (Reuters) - Russian dissident artist Pyotr Pavlensky, whose protests against the state have included nailing his scrotum to Moscow's Red Square, has said he plans to seek asylum in France. Pavlensky, 32, fled to Ukraine with his partner last month to avoid being sent to prison on what he said were trumped-up allegations of committing a sex crime. In his first interview since leaving, he said the Russia of President Vladimir Putin had become increasingly authoritarian and intolerant of dissenting voices.


New York artist Jeffrey Deitch teams with Uniqlo on 'Art for All'


Uniqlo's SoHo flagship store will host an Art for All pop-up shop beginning January 20.Fashion brand Uniqlo is collaborating with Soho artist Jeffrey Deitch on a new project titled "Art for All," with pop-up art shops set to launch at select New York stores on January 20. On January 20, Art for All shops will launch in Uniqlo's Soho and 34th Street stores, which will feature a historic display of art products created by artists involved in the Times Square Show -- a groundbreaking 1980 exhibition -- and other activities like it that sought to democratize art. In February, Uniqlo will hold two live screen-printing events, set to take place at the Soho flagship store on February 4 (with Tom Otterness and Jane Dickson) and February 11 (with AIKO and Daze).



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