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Political party influences lawmakers' tweets more than gender


Politicians are often expected to have expertise in certain areas, based on their gender. A researcher looked at whether US representatives' tweets support this stereotype. She found that political party plays more of a role than gender in lawmakers' Twitter habits.


Climate change label leads to climate science acceptance


Labels matter when it comes to acceptance of climate science, suggests new research. For example, explain authors of a new report, the US public doubts the existence of 'global warming' more than it doubts 'climate change.'


Mathematical method for fair definition of electoral districts


For democratic elections to be fair, voting districts must have similar sizes. When populations shift, districts need to be redistributed -- a complex and, in many countries, controversial task when political parties attempt to influence redistricting. Mathematicians have now developed a method that allows the efficient calculation of optimally sized voting districts.


Study connects stocks, democracy, and the Arab Spring


Day after day in early 2011, massive crowds gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, calling for the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Away from the square, the protests had another effect, as a new study shows. The demonstrations lowered the stock market valuations of politically connected firms -- and showed how much people thought a full democratic revolution was possible.


Political polarization? Don't blame the web


Despite the popular narrative that the web is to blame for rising political polarization, a study by economists has found that recent growth in polarization is greatest for demographic groups in which individuals are least likely to use the internet and social media. This means that data does not support the claim that the internet is the most significant driver of partisanship.


Americans divided on whether recent science protests will benefit scientists' causes


Americans are split in their support of recent science marches and whether these events will make a difference, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Some 44% of US adults think the protests, marches, and demonstrations will boost public support for science, while an equal share (44%) believe the protests will make no difference and 7% believe the demonstrations will actually hurt the cause.


Not all Republicans are climate change doubters


The idea that all Republicans think climate change isn't happening is a myth. A new study finds substantial differences in the climate change views of both Republicans and Democrats across different states and congressional districts.


New analysis links proposed changes in U.S. tax laws to rich-poor gap and deaths among Americans


The potential health impacts of Republican and Democratic tax proposals are explored in a new article.


We tolerate political lies for shared views, study suggests


People have more leniency for politicians' lies when they bolster a shared belief that a specific political stance is morally right, new research demonstrates.


Government responsiveness key for stable societies


Researchers have shown that over time, the stability of our democracies can only be preserved by findings ways to reduce the time span governments typically need to respond to the wishes of citizens, particularly when confronted with external shocks. This means that drastic changes in modes of governance may be required in order to keep democratic societies stable.




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