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Women in a tenure committee may even make it more difficult for a woman to get a job


Having women in scientific committees may decrease women’s opportunities to get a nomination for a professor. According to a study from Finland, male evaluators become less favorable toward female candidates as soon as a female evaluator joins the committee. At the same time, female evaluators are not significantly more favorable toward female candidates.


Minority public managers prefer integrating social equity, traditional public values


Minority public managers place more emphasis on both traditional values, like efficiency and effectiveness, and social equity when compared with their white counterparts, according to a new study.


Abortion restriction may have new momentum after 40 years of pervading policy


Originally a single-sentence prohibition on Medicaid funding for abortion, the Hyde Amendment has provided the blueprint for ever-expanding prohibitions on public expenditure for the procedure.


The secret of scientists who impact policy


Researchers analyzed 15 policy decisions worldwide, with outcomes ranging from new coastal preservation laws to improved species protections, to produce the first quantitative analysis of how environmental knowledge impacts the attitudes and decisions of conservation policymakers.


Federal preemption of taxes on state and local sugar-sweetened beverages is not warranted


Federal and state government can alter or hinder state and local activity through a legal mechanism called preemption -- when a higher level of government blocks the action of a lower level of government. A new study evaluates whether it could it be used to block taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages.


Political affiliation can predict how people will react to false information about threats


How liberal or conservative a person is predicts how likely they are to believe information about potential hazards, a new study has found.


Voting vulnerability


Online attackers may be able to purchase -- for as little as a few thousand dollars -- enough personal information to potentially alter voter registration information in as many as 36 states and the District of Columbia. Dubbed 'voter identity theft,' the vulnerability could be exploited by attackers to disenfranchise many voters where voter registration information can be changed online.


To improve our political climate, change the questions we ask


Our fractured political climate in the United States might be made worse by how we approach difficult problems, researchers say in the journal Science. A team of political scientists suggests rather than asking citizens 'What do you want,' questions should be asked in a deliberative frame: 'What should we do?'


Most Americans want the government to combat climate change, some willing to pay a high amount


Sixty-one percent of Americans think climate change is a problem that the government needs to address, including 43 percent of Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats, according to a new survey.


Polling is still best predictor of election outcomes, study suggests


Donald Trump's surprising election as president of the United States was viewed by some people as evidence that electoral polling no longer works, but researchers report they have developed models using global polling data that can correctly predict up to 90 percent of election outcomes around the world.




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