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We tolerate political lies for shared views, study suggests


People have more leniency for politicians' lies when they bolster a shared belief that a specific political stance is morally right, new research demonstrates.


Mandatory state policies work best to curb power plant emissions, study finds


U.S. state policies aimed at mitigating power plant emissions vary widely in effectiveness, finds a new study. The analysis shows that policies with mandatory compliance are associated with the largest reductions in power plant emissions.


Greater access to higher education could have reversed EU referendum result


New research suggests that greater access to higher education can influence political outcomes.


ESHG supports the principle of genetic privacy at work


The European Society of Human Genetics calls for the genetic privacy of individuals to be upheld in the light of the bill that would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing and disclose the results to their employers, or risk having to make health insurance payments of thousands of dollars extra.


Presenting facts as 'consensus' bridges conservative-liberal divide over climate change


New evidence shows that 'social facts' highlighting expert consensus changes perceptions across US political spectrum -- particularly among highly educated conservatives. Facts that encourage agreement are a promising way of cutting through today's 'post-truth' bluster, say psychologists.


What algae can tell us about political strategy


Cells compete for nutrients. Political campaigns compete for voters. According to new research general principles may begin to explain how differing strategies play out where groups compete for resources.


Rise of populism affects wildlife management in US


A cultural backlash stemming from the rise of populism may limit opportunities for state fish and wildlife agencies to adapt to changing social values in the United States.


What do Trump's tweets say about his personality?


The Twitter messages of Donald J. Trump, the entrepreneurial businessman turned US president, show that he is creative, competitive and a rule-breaker, but also has neurotic tendencies. An analysis of Trump's tweets and what implications his personality traits have for political leadership are the focus of a new study.


Viewers who tweet during presidential debates learn more about political issues


Researchers have found evidence that social media engagement -- or social watching -- during last year's presidential debates produced beneficial effects for those engaged on Twitter while watching the debates on TV. In a pair of studies, communication experts have found that issue-based tweeting was directly related to greater knowledge acquisition, and social watching actually helps viewers solidify their beliefs around their chosen candidates.


Spread of local taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages is likely


Since 2014, seven U.S. municipal or county jurisdictions have adopted excise taxes to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, but no such taxes have been passed at the state or federal level. A new viewpoint evaluates reasons for success or failure and whether such local taxes are likely to spread.




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