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New research could help humans see what nature hides


Things are not always as they appear. New visual perception research explains the natural limits of what humans can see and how to find what nature hides.


Shining light on brain cells that coordinate movement


A technique for inserting a gene into specific cell types in the adult brain can be used to alter the function of brain circuits and change behaviors in an animal model. The method will allow scientists to better understand what roles certain cell types play in the brain's complex circuitry. Researchers hope the approach might someday lead to developing treatments for conditions like epilepsy that might be curable by activating a small group of cells.


Animals, not drought, shaped our ancestors' environment


The expansion of grasslands isn't solely due to drought, but more complex climate factors are at work, both for modern Africans now and ancient Africans in the Pleistocene, suggests new research.


Regular brisk walks and a daily longer one help lower office workers' blood lipids


Taking 2-minute brisk walks every 30 minutes and a half-hour walk each day reduces blood lipid levels when measured in response to a meal consumed around 24 hours after starting the activity, research shows for the first time.


Scientists find clever way to help you de-clutter your home


If your attic is full of stuff you no longer use but can't bear to give away, a new study may offer you a simple solution. Researchers found that people were more willing to give away unneeded goods that still had sentimental value if they were encouraged to take a photo of these items first, or find another way to preserve the memories.


Lack of sleep fuels harmful inflammatory response to marital stress


A lack of sleep doesn’t just leave you cranky and spoiling for a fight. Researchers say it also puts you at risk for stress-related inflammation.


Cancer hijacks natural cell process to survive


Cancer tumors manipulate a natural cell process to promote their survival suggesting that controlling this mechanism could stop progress of the disease, according to new research.


Rapidly mapping the 'social networks' of proteins


Scientists improved upon a classic approach to mapping the interactions between proteins.


2-D material's traits could send electronics R&D spinning in new directions


Researchers created an atomically thin material and used X-rays to measure its exotic and durable properties that make it a promising candidate for a budding branch of electronics known as 'spintronics.'


Hydraulic fracturing rarely linked to felt seismic tremors


Hydraulic fracturing and saltwater disposal has limited impact on seismic events, research indicates.




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