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Cheap Jobs
What do you do when you have been unemployed and you get a job offer that doesn't seem close to being enough?  Unfortunately, that's common these days.  Take a look at...
Preparing for an Interview
Do you have an interview coming up? Preparing for a job interview is almost as important as the job interview itself.  That's because if you don't take the time to...
Nina Bruhns Author Interview
Interview Date: January 14, 2004. Catch a glimpse into the world of Nina Bruhns, award winning romance novelist, in this engaging interview. Read The Interview...
The Awakening by Shannon Drake
Megan O'Casey has returned to her hometown and the home of her ancestors in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband Finn Douglas. Since Megan's return she's haunted by nightmares that Finn is evil and is going to hurt her. When...
New Non-Fiction
Here are the latest non-fiction submissions that made it through the selection process: Rambling by Willy K. Constant movement, I cannot sit still, the blank screen stares back at me, taunting...
New Fiction
At last the latest fiction from the slush file: Omen by Karissa M.Every other Saturday, a group of thirty or so 15, 16 and 17 year-olds convened in the Anglican Church...
Most Common Interview Mistakes
What are the most common interview mistakes job applicants make? The mistake candidates make the most, according to an Accountemps survey, is one that's easily avoidable - not knowing about...
Which Verb to Choose?

The choice between certain verbs such as make or do, borrow or lend can be difficult. Here are guides to help you choose between some of the most commonly confused verbs in English:

Make and Do
Go and Come
Bring, Take and Fetch
See and Watch
Listen and Hear
Lend and Borrow

Which Verb to Choose? originally appeared on About.com English as 2nd Language on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 09:54:33.

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