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Top Ten Tips for Writing Success

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White House for Kids
Have your students visit the White House Kids Home Page for the latest in kid-friendly political information for children. They'll love learning about our Commander-in-Chief, laying the groundwork for a future interest in our nation's government....
The Awakening by Shannon Drake
Megan O'Casey has returned to her hometown and the home of her ancestors in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband Finn Douglas. Since Megan's return she's haunted by nightmares that Finn is evil and is going to hurt her. When...
New Non-Fiction
Here are the latest non-fiction submissions that made it through the selection process: Rambling by Willy K. Constant movement, I cannot sit still, the blank screen stares back at me, taunting...
The Wedding Knight by Joanne Rock
At the age of eight Melissande Deverell was forced to leave her family and sent to an Alpine convent by her father. In the ten years that she's been at the convent she hasn't slept well, had multiple cases...
Carole Bellacera's Contest
Congratulations to the December winners of my monthly website contest, Jennifer Rippy of Shelby, North Carolina and Rae Ann Littler of Auburn, California. Be sure to check out my January contest at www.Carole.Bellacera.com. Iím giving away the original copy-edited manuscript...
Don't forget to sign up for a Pen Pal!
If you're planning on doing a Pen Pal program with your students this year, Our Forum is THE place to hook up with another teacher from across the state, country, or even the world. But, you have to visit and...
I've been updating some of the smaller submissions today. There are new cliches in the cliches list; new tips in How to Get Ideas, How to Get Started, and How...
How to Design a Pen Pal Program
Thinking about setting up a Pen Pal program this school year? If so, make sure to post your request in our Forum and then go read this article to find out the best tips for success....



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