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Pioneers of Psychology: Wilhelm Wundt
Wilhelm Wundt

If you've ever taken an introductory psychology class, then you have probably spent at least a little time learning about Wilhelm Wundt. This German psychologist, physician and philosopher is best known for establishing the first psychology lab in Liepzig, Germany, officially marking the beginning of psychology as a field of science distinct from philosophy and physiology. In addition to being considered one of the founders of contemporary psychology, Wundt is also frequently referred to as the father of experimental psychology.

Originally a professor of physiology, Wundt wanted to apply the same experimental methods used in science to the study of the human mind. Wundt also had an influence on his students, including Edward Titchener who went on to establish a school of thought known as structuralism. Structuralism focused on studying human consciousness by breaking it down to the smallest possible elements.

Learn more about this pioneer of psychology in this brief biography of Wilhelm Wundt.

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Pioneers of Psychology: Wilhelm Wundt originally appeared on About.com Psychology on Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 09:15:46.

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Vacation Getaway

Many people are taking time off for vacation this time of year. If you are one of the lucky ones traveling abroad this summer, make sure you understand the difference between travel, trip, journey and voyage. Test your knowledge of a wide range of travel related vocabulary with this travel chart quiz. If you are staying at home, you can read a letter about a nice vacation in Greece and practice the past tense.

Vacation Getaway originally appeared on About.com English as 2nd Language on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 10:00:43.

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Roll With It- Day In the (Summer) Life Vignette

Today is  Monday, and my children are already driving me nuts. I've not signed them up for any camps yet, because a client owes me a fat check that I thought it was coming in June. Now I see that her contract was just vague enough to stretch that payment.

Last week and last night, the talking heads said that a major decision was coming from the Supreme Court, and this just happens to be directly related to TWO of my main clients. So I'm on SCOTUS watch with everyone else, in addition to watching these kiddos run around the house and neighborhood.

At 6:00 this morning, I asked my hubby to check the accumulated wisdom out there to see if I need to be awake at 8:00 for a SCOTUS decision. He can't tell. Since I was awake and reading until 3:00a.m., I'm crossed my fingers and rolled over before he was even out of the room.

I woke up panicked at 9:30, but the lack of buzzing from my Droid tells me that it's likely that the court hasn't done anything yet. I hold out as long as I can before I hop in the shower around 11:00. That's when the buzzing stops. I yell at my daughter to read my messages, and sure enough, SCOTUS has spoken.

I quickly towel off. I have to have a blog post up ASAP. I have to have an article submitted in TWO languages by 5:00. I have to ask for more related work from the affected client, because I never pass up an opportunity to do so.

I check in with all parties and find out I'm to be on an advocacy call that will tell us how to spin the messaging, and what themes work for our affected audiences. Sounds easy, right? But in that in-between time I have to:

  • Feed three people two meals (in fairness, they do try, but I don't think chips and peanut butter count as "lunch")
  • Finish my shower
  • Double check blogs, tweets, etc for spam and pressing issues
  • Let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out
  • Get the rough drafts (at least) of both due articles/blog posts ready so that they can be finished after the call
  • Do an About.com (here!) blog post and edit a newsletter that just happens to have to go out right when I'm on the call

And that's where I am now. After feeding the children and kicking them out, I start the call and try to listen while I'm finishing this blog post and the associated email. My children choose to play (loudly) on the trampoline at the same time my neighbor decides to mow her lawn. So much for open office windows and the fine summer breeze. I also hear the key words "following is our messaging points" right as my cat starts to barf in the room next door (sorry, gross, but he's sick) and I have to make a mad dash to carry him outside while the call goes on in the background.

After this blog, newsletter and call wrap up, I'll polish both pieces that I'm responsible for today, and hopefully find some more associated work in my email. I'll also have to move on to pushing out a translation that is due tomorrow, and then start working on some About.com articles that are due at the end of this week. This is a fairly typical day in the summer when the children are around, and at the end of it I'll have clocked about 4 hours and been able to bill for about $300.

Not too shabby, overall.

Roll With It- Day In the (Summer) Life Vignette originally appeared on About.com Freelance Writing on Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 15:19:43.

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Which Verb to Choose?

The choice between certain verbs such as make or do, borrow or lend can be difficult. Here are guides to help you choose between some of the most commonly confused verbs in English:

Make and Do
Go and Come
Bring, Take and Fetch
See and Watch
Listen and Hear
Lend and Borrow

Which Verb to Choose? originally appeared on About.com English as 2nd Language on Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 09:54:33.

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New: How to Choose an Online Charter School

Many states now offer online charter school programs to residents at no cost. By enrolling in an online charter school, your child may be able to earn a high school diploma or make up missed credits without falling behind in a traditional school. How do you choose an online charter school? These six steps can help.

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What Should I Say?

If you've ever attended a party at which you had to speak English, you'll have used small talk. Small talk involves knowing what to talk about, not talking about sensitive topics that vary from culture to culture, and still having something of interest to say. There are also certain set phrases that can be used to begin the conversation:

Special Days
Speaking to Strangers
Traveling phrases

What Should I Say? originally appeared on About.com English as 2nd Language on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at 10:42:28.

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