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How to Create a Behavior Contract
No matter how optimistic you are about your upcoming class, you know you'll have some challenging behavior problems in some way, shape, or form! Be ready with a structured plan by learning how to design and implement a customized Behavior...
White House for Kids
Have your students visit the White House Kids Home Page for the latest in kid-friendly political information for children. They'll love learning about our Commander-in-Chief, laying the groundwork for a future interest in our nation's government....
How Do I Get Clients?

Ah, the golden question! This is the second-most asked question in my email, after the whole "how do I get started?" thing. Therefore, I've put together a comprehensive list, and next time someone asks me How Do I Get Clients, I'm just going to send < that link!

How Do I Get Clients? originally appeared on About.com Freelance Writing on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 01:07:14.

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Who Will Take This Man by Jacquie D'Alessandro
Philip Whitmore, Viscount Greybourne, is getting married. Well, he's supposed to be getting married. Ten years ago Philip made a deal with his father that allowed him to go to exotic lands and pursue antiquarian studies. When Philip learns...
The Essential 55 by Ron Clark
Have you read The Essential 55 by Ron Clark? If you're looking to improve behavior in your classroom and even offer character instruction, this is the book for you. In fact, every teacher and parent can benefit from the simple,...
Romance Fiction Guide Changes
A new year always brings new changes. Read this message from Melissa Alvarez, your current guide to Romance Fiction, as she says goodbye to the visitors to About.com's Romance Fiction website.A Message From Melissa...
How to Choose an Online Psychology Course

One reader asks: "I am considering taking a psychology course on-line. Would you be able to provide me with information on how to find one that's right for me?"

online psychology courses

Taking an online psychology class can be a great way to get ahead in your studies. Before you choose a distance education course, you should first consider a few important questions.

  • Is the course offered by an accredited school? Accreditation is important because it means that the school offering the course has met the minimum criteria established by an outside organization. It helps protect students from being taken advantage of by diploma mills.

  • What's the class schedule like? If you are taking a summer course, it is especially important to ask about the schedule. Summer courses are usually much more condensed and accelerated than those offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Make sure that you have the time and energy to take on the workload.

  • How much does the class cost? Finding a way to fund your online classes is another important concern. Check out the total cost of the class including tuition and textbooks before deciding if you can afford it.

  • Can you transfer the credits to another academic institution? If you plan to take an online course from a different college or university, make sure that you will be able to transfer the credits to your own school later on.

There are a number of different ways to find online psychology courses. Start by checking with colleges and universities in your state to see if they offer any summer distance education courses. The Social Psychology Network has a great collection of links to distance learning psychology courses. Also be sure to check out this list of free online classes compiled by Jamie Littlefield, About.com's Guide to Distance Learning.

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How to Choose an Online Psychology Course originally appeared on About.com Psychology on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 09:15:00.

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Vacation Getaway

Many people are taking time off for vacation this time of year. If you are one of the lucky ones traveling abroad this summer, make sure you understand the difference between travel, trip, journey and voyage. Test your knowledge of a wide range of travel related vocabulary with this travel chart quiz. If you are staying at home, you can read a letter about a nice vacation in Greece and practice the past tense.

Vacation Getaway originally appeared on About.com English as 2nd Language on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 at 10:00:43.

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